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As sticky as a tervaskanto… - 82%

666head, January 18th, 2008

…as in the tree stump meaning. Well, here we have Korpiklaani’s fourth effort, and while it’s a step down from “Tales Along This Road”, its still a very good album. It was fun to listen to. However, while “Tervaskanto” sounds extremely similar to “Tales Along This Road”, it’s not as good as the previous album.

As always, Korpiklaani don’t waste time planning and recording a useless intro (something many bands do), instead, like the previous albums, they start out with, what else, a beer song. However, most of the album’s sound is actually quite different from the first song, though “Let’s Drink” (the first song in the album) doesn’t feel out of place; it might not prepare you adequately enough for the album as a whole. Whereas previous Korpiklaani albums had a happy atmosphere mixed with other feelings and atmospheres, “Tervaskanto” practically throws away the happy feeling on most songs and replaces them with the epic, must-die-in-battle feelings many other folk metal bands have. That isn’t to say you can’t find some good ol’ happy songs. “Let’s Drink” and “Viima” definitely have a happy atmosphere.

Another difference “Tervaskanto” has with the previous album, are the lyrics. Most lyrics here are written in Finnish rather than English. This isn’t bad, by any means; however, to those who like reading the lyrics and don’t know Finnish, it might be a slight problem. However, the lyrics that are in English (a language I’m fluent in) are really good, as always, and many native-English speaking bands would be put to shame when comparing the quality of them. I would like to point out though; I did not take the Finnish lyrics into account when deciding on the score, since I don’t speak Finnish.

Overall, “Tervaskanto” is a very good album, it definitely is, but when you listen to Korpiklaani’s previous offerings, you gotta wander, what went wrong? Its still a worthy album though, and, like all of Korpiklaani’s albums, should be checked out by fans of the band, and anyone whose heard even just one measly song. Korpiklaani have experimented with a more traditional atmosphere (in terms of folk metal), you can hear that they’ve done a helluva job, but at the same time, saddened, because they decided to abandon that which made them original, or at least, separated them from the folk metal pack, and that was the happy atmosphere, the sing-along songs, the feeling many of those songs evoked, its really very sad. But should Korpiklaani continue down this path, it will definitely be interesting to hear the results, and I’m sure that they will make many more great albums!