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Finally Sobering Up - 85%

Imperialtroll, August 6th, 2012

Well this album came as a surprise to me. After the disaster that is "Ukon Wacka" in 2011 I almost gave up on this band, then this little shocker came along and kicked the gear to a better place and put them back on the right track.

The album starts off a little bumpy with "Kunnia" which is not a very good start because its a typical "Korpiklaani" and very unoriginal. After that came some nice sing-along songs such as "Rauta" which is basically a drinking song (that doesn't talk about drinks, thank god!) a funny song and quite enjoyable.

The band features a new member on violin "Tuomas Rounakari" who does a raelly good job on many of the songs such as " Petoeläimen Kuola" and "Synkkä", he doesn't try to show off, he provides a balanced performance varying between ultra fast and beautifully slow, which is a very good thing.

The shamanic fun and joy continues with "Ievan Polkka" which has a very nice tone and a wise use of folk instruments and pretty decent riffs, which is basically what's going on in the entire album, the riffing is more "sober" so to speak. but still so much fun.

The album's lyrics is all about Finnish mythology, kind of reminds you of their older albums, which I believe to be an improvement, to return to their roots even in a slower pace, but still a very good move.

The album continues with double shamanic instrumentals; "Husky-Sledge" and "Dolorous" are a very good addition to the album and sort of put you in a "polar" mode, you can actually feel the beautiful, comforting yet cruel coldness of Finland.

Now, one of the most interesting parts of this album is the bonus CD, which contains the whole album with English lyrics. A thoughtful movement which shows how "sober" they are becoming.

This album has really put back the faith in Korpiklaani, and shows the potential they still have, they no longer a bunch of drunk guys making merry music, they have matured but never lost the childish spirit they always had and hopefully never will lose. I recommend this album to all their old fans who once forsaken them. and to the fans of folk metal in general, its really worth the investment. Looking forward for more albums such as this one.