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Keeps getting better - 94%

Akhenaton of man, September 12th, 2012

When it comes to many bands, there comes to a point where they run out of steam. With Korpiklaani, that is not the case. The first album they came out with was amazing with their iconic song; Wooden Pints. Ever since then, their albums only got better. With the release of Manala marks the 8th studio album. This album without a doubt is amazing.

Manala's opening song; Kunnia is energetic and immediately catchy. It is followed by many other great songs which the album provides from the bass-heavy Rauta to the cover of the popular song and meme, Ievan Polkka. The songs vary from energetic to heavy, festive to gloomy. Whichever part of Korpiklaani you like is sure to be found on the album. There are some songs that I do not like on the album, but I do not know whether the dislike stems from purely my opinion or if they really are bad. Though to sum it up, the bad of the album is easily outweighed by the amazing songs that Korpiklaani happened to produce.

If you got the limited edition of the album, you will have another disc that contains the songs translated into English. My opinion on this is split. For certain, I like that they did this and should be the standard in every album. Another issue with the modern Korpiklaani is that they strayed away from English. Ukon Wacka did not have a single English song when there was at least some English in Karkelo. I understand that they are from Finland and they are singing in their language, but it is refreshing to get English songs back into Korpiklaani. On the other hand, the songs made were written in Finnish, which means that many of the songs are misplaced in terms of lyrics. There are few to rhymes in the songs and some just do not sound right, but there are still songs that work in English and sound great compared to their Finnish counterpart.

To sum it up, I would go so far as to say that this is one of the the best Korpiklaani albums to date if not the best. Instead of burning out, they are improving their formula, which is difficult considering they already started with great music from the get go. Too often we see art burn out. Not just in the music realm, but movies, TV shows, videogames and even painters end up losing their creative touch in which they either rebound or it just goes downhill. Korpiklaani on the other hand seems to just be warming up.