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Korovacrap - 30%

megafury, March 7th, 2004

Never have I fast forwarded through an album so many times, seriously. The problem here is too much boring filler keyboard special effect noises and annoying vocals that you keep having to go through just to hear some okay black metal in the vein of Emperor. You can't but help try to skip through all the lame parts. My thumb was on the forward button of my cd player the entire time I listened to this album.

There were a lot of songs that took forever to get to the decent parts. It's as if I'm peeling an orange forever just to get one piece of the fruit. It really isn't worth agonizing through those annoying bad vocals just to hear some okay symphonic black metal. I can't think of anybody else I could compare the bad singing to. The guy's voice sounds like he's trying to be creepy (in a kiddie haunted house kind of way) and operatice(with an annoying foreign accent, not that I have anything against foreign accents) at the same time. Took me awhile to try and forget that bad singing, it got on my nerves. I'll probably smash this cd so I will never hear that voice ever again, good thing I just downloaded and burned this album before buying it.

The black metal part of their music isn't anything special but it's okay. There are some female singing in the album too, nothing special either. The keyboard noises do seem to drag forever for intros and never pick up with some real harmony, it seems as if they were just used and added just to sound different from standard black metal. Not my cup of tea but I thought they would be because of their genre: avant-garde black metal. Oh well, Diabolical Masquerade and Sigh still remain my favorite avant black metal bands. I never heard any of their earlier stuff but now I'm not sure if I want to.