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Tried again. But failed. - 67%

Morhguel, September 29th, 2010

Korog's name must be familiar to those who know at least a bit about extreme metal. This band usually known as one of the famous black metal vocalist Attila Csihar's project but the band have already released 2 full-lengths before Attila joined to them. Actually, I ran into this band before Attila arrived and I didn't pay much attention their later work. Nothing personal, I just put them on my “waiting-list” and then I didn't listen to them as many times as I wanted to. The only thing I remember that they changed their sound a bit, they started to involve more black 'n' roll elements into their music. But this release is from 2001 with the original line-up (Gábor Simon on vocals and Gábor Sebestyén on bass guitars), with less rock 'n' roll feeling and without black metal elements.

The first difficult thing in the case of this release apart from tagging its genre is this release's form. 'Próbáld újra!' can be divided into two parts: the first 5 tracks are the remastered version of the 'Corpus Kriszti' EP, the other part consists of 1 intro ('Baltabolt') and 6 songs which are only remixes of some song from their debut 'Álmodj makkal'. So it's less than a remixalbum, more than an EP but it definitely shouldn't have been released as a full-length. Maybe as a compilation of 2 EPs, or as 2 EPs, separately. But that's a problem only for those who want to get familiar with Korog's music. And for those, the genre description wouldn't help also. We've settled that this isn't a black'n'roll music because it lacks the black metal elements but what is it then? The groovy riffs are very usual in their music but I wouldn't say that it's groove metal. Maybe the first 5 tracks, the 'Corpus Kriszti' EP is closer to that genre but with a lot of progressive elements. Actually, this EP wasn't my favourite, but I think 'Egy nap és ma' is one of the best Korog songs. This remastered version has the old odd feeling but with a better, heavier sound, so it's fine. However, the unnecessary outro track 'Jaldabaoth' could've been easily left out from this album but it's okay as a separator. The only new track is the mentioned intro 'Baltabolt' which is a full electronic/industrial song, a good preliminary for 'Varázsgömb' but unfortunately they made a mistake in the production, there is a small gap between the two tracks (not only here on this CD) which breaks the music's continuity. The songs of this second “remix” part of the album are well-chosen and some of them transformed into a really good industrial/experimental metal song. For instance, my everlasting Korog-favourite 'Közelít' became better than the original was with these samplers and effects, so this track is an absolute highlight on this record. The other songs also sound better then before, so this remix part is worth the listen.

All in all, 'Próbáld újra!' is not a bad album, it's just not for the newcomers who didn't know anything about Korog before. Maybe if they had released this separately as 2 EPs, there wouldn't be any misunderstanding (I remember, when I listened to this album for the first time, I expected new songs and it was a bit disappointing). This record is absolutely for the fans who can get the band's first EP with a new mastering and some fine industrial/experimental songs on one record. For those, who only know the band's later releases it could give some surprising moments, but for those who don't know anything about this group I would recommend to choose any other of their full-lengths first.

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