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Koma > Molestando a los vecinos > Reviews
Koma - Molestando a los vecinos

A great live recording of a great live band - 90%

Ratas, August 24th, 2007

A live recording can signal two things: the need for a live "compilation of their best material, a sign of a long and fruitful carrer, or the end of the good times. This case is the first example.
When Koma released their first album, everybody knew they were getting here sooner or later.This cd was recorded during their tour for "Criminal", so there is no surprise that it is the album most represented in the tracklist with 5 songs. No problem, as this is one of their best albums (no bad album, though). The other album most represented here is "El Infarto", their second work, more thrashier than their later releases.

The concert starts with the song "Menos Mal" included in the album "Criminal", a great opener for concerts, feeding the moshpit from the first minute with their energetic interpretation of this song.

"El Jefe", the second song, belongs to "El Infarto" and its mixture of sarcastic social protest with their sense of humuour really make the lyrics worth of listening. The heavy and tight downtuned riffs create great post-thrash rhythyms.

"Se donde vives" one of the (only) two songs (sob) representing what is their best work to me, "El Catador de Vinagre". Being a slow and heavy song, it's interesting to hear how it sounds when played a bit faster, with a much more up-tempo drums rhythyms. To me, this is their best song, please check it up.

With "Tio Sam", included in their first homonymous album, they get to play the best songs of each album by now, this one being another post-thrash song with great energy.

The rest of the album repeats the same idea, reviewing all their albums (but "El Catador...") with an insistence on their fourth work, "Criminal".

By the end of the concert they play two of their funniest songs, making this concert what they have always pretended, a funny and energetic show with great sense of humuor as much as a fierce metal attack. These songs are "Aqui huele como que han fumao", describing a funny cop raid in house looking or weed, and "Bienvendos a deguelto", a rock song with the longest solo ever recorded by Koma, including extracts of Warner's melodies (yes the cartoons".

All in all, this is a good live recording that makes justice to their carrer and reflects how energetic and heavy Koma's concerts. I've seen them live 5 times and I can't wait for the next one. The different instruments do not mesh with each other, although sometimes the guitars sound a bit moshy (well, it's dropped C), yet the drums sound so clean you can listen to every detail the drummer adds to the overall base.
The crowd has been recorded and finely mixed, infusing a sense of more "life-ness" to the recording.

There are no standout tracks, as all are standout tracks in their respective albums, though I would have liked them to include more songs of "El Catador de Vinagre" (like the whole album...).

This makes a good album for new comers to Koma's music, and may tell you what moment of the band can be more interesting for you. Give it a try, you'll be blown away.