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great darkthrone worshipping traditional norwegian - 89%

orodoven, September 12th, 2005

Norwegian black metal has been in a lull for the last few years. Yeah there are still a few bands churning out the goods, but it ain't no hotspot as Sweden and Finland have been recently. Enter Koldbrann. Here you have absolutely uncompromising, utterly dark and completely misanthropic black metal with a pinch of Dark Throne. No keyboards here or fancy orchestral nothingness, this has traditional stamped all over it. Yet Koldbrann surround themselves in an aura of majesty, this is elite black metal, brutality blended with discreet infectious melodies. "Kaosmanifest" is the standout track of the album, a vile gem that summarizes Koldbrann to perfection. Also standing out are the vocals. Mannevond spits out his lyrics in a most poisonous venom, taking the Norwegian language to new hights of viciousness.

Still there some flaws that stop this album short of being a masterpiece. The drum sound is absolutely horrendous. Maybe it was a wanted effect but it kills of the mood at some points. There are also a couple tracks too many which makes the novelty wear off after a while. But all in all who cares this still rules and any black metal fanatic will walk away ecstatic with this release. Hail Koldbrann!!!!!