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Absolutt Nekro! - 94%

Hegg_The_Norsk, December 8th, 2007

Here we have Nekrotisk Inkvisition by Koldbrann. This album has to be one of the most passionate albums I've heard in awhile. The songs all fit their titles perfectly. The album art is something that you see and just can't stop checking it out.

Now, the music; the vocals are pretty well done. Mannevond does a great job showing the feeling behind the songs by the tone of his vocal abilities; dark, crisp, hypnotic, evil, etc... The guitars are more of a 'necro' production state but that really shouldn't bother you. The riffs are captivating, they get stuck in my head all the damn time. The guitar players obviously know what they're doing. Bass really isn't apparent, but that's no surprise due to the fact bass isn't a stand out instrument in black metal. Drums are a stand out instrument on Nekrotisk Inkvisition because not only are they accurately fast but they don't stick to one beat with little variation, there's a lot of different ideas incorporated into Fordervelse's drumming and that really is the key to a great sounding album. Although the drums do sound a little odd; for example on the song "Kaosmanifest" they sound like they're being played inside of a bubble, but that shouldn't cause much irritation because that particular song offers great lyrics and form.

Songs I favored: Kaosmanifest, Korpus Sepsis, Koldbrann, and Den Endelige.

Any fan of the Norwegian scene knows there is not much going on but in the underground there is much to disagree. I advise any black metal fan to pick up a copy of Nekrotisk Inkvisition, you will not be disappointed.