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Absolutt Nekro! - 94%

Hegg_The_Norsk, December 8th, 2007

Here we have Nekrotisk Inkvisition by Koldbrann. This album has to be one of the most passionate albums I've heard in awhile. The songs all fit their titles perfectly. The album art is something that you see and just can't stop checking it out.

Now, the music; the vocals are pretty well done. Mannevond does a great job showing the feeling behind the songs by the tone of his vocal abilities; dark, crisp, hypnotic, evil, etc... The guitars are more of a 'necro' production state but that really shouldn't bother you. The riffs are captivating, they get stuck in my head all the damn time. The guitar players obviously know what they're doing. Bass really isn't apparent, but that's no surprise due to the fact bass isn't a stand out instrument in black metal. Drums are a stand out instrument on Nekrotisk Inkvisition because not only are they accurately fast but they don't stick to one beat with little variation, there's a lot of different ideas incorporated into Fordervelse's drumming and that really is the key to a great sounding album. Although the drums do sound a little odd; for example on the song "Kaosmanifest" they sound like they're being played inside of a bubble, but that shouldn't cause much irritation because that particular song offers great lyrics and form.

Songs I favored: Kaosmanifest, Korpus Sepsis, Koldbrann, and Den Endelige.

Any fan of the Norwegian scene knows there is not much going on but in the underground there is much to disagree. I advise any black metal fan to pick up a copy of Nekrotisk Inkvisition, you will not be disappointed.

The Return of Norwegian Black Metal! - 93%

Kristenhat666, September 20th, 2007

Most people think of Norway as soon as Black Metal is mentioned. This is obviously due to the fact that it was in Norway that it all started. Those of us who know enough about BM history, however, are aware of how temporary Norwegian supremacy was with regard to this music style. I personally had stopped hoping I'd ever see the day when a band from the aforementioned country would impress me again, until I got hold of KOLDBRANN's "NEKROTISK INKVISITION". And impressed I was, I can tell you!

What KOLDBRANN deliver on this release is utter fury! "NEKROTISK INKVISITION" is an incredibly fast-paced album, which, in spite of including some slower passages, accelerates to breathtaking speed at times. However, it does not solely rely on frenetic pace, as most bands nowadays do, but displays guitarwork that captivates the listener from the very first tones. The drums are definitely the most standout instrument here. Except for the typical BM drumming one would expect on a release like this, one finds numerous elements that have not been heard elsewhere. Some examples are track number one, where the drums sound like a machine-gun (!!!) at times, and song number eight, where both guitars and drums slow down from a hammering rythm to a pace that I would personally label "audial slow-motion"! I doubt I have heard anything this original in years. I also feel the vocals are as close to perfection as they could ever be, being not only aggressive and intense, but immensely passionate in the emotions they express. Simply awesome!

What keeps me from giving this album more than 93 percent is that while some songs deserve a perfect rating, others are not as ingenious, though they are indeed very good! Whatever the case, this is Norwegian BM as it should always have been. The CD itself, with the booklet and inlays, is a feast to any blacker's eyes, and the music does not fail any such listener's expectations. So if it's a "necro" experience you seek, KOLDBRANN's "NEKROTISK INKVISITION" is more than a good choice of album!

great darkthrone worshipping traditional norwegian - 89%

orodoven, September 12th, 2005

Norwegian black metal has been in a lull for the last few years. Yeah there are still a few bands churning out the goods, but it ain't no hotspot as Sweden and Finland have been recently. Enter Koldbrann. Here you have absolutely uncompromising, utterly dark and completely misanthropic black metal with a pinch of Dark Throne. No keyboards here or fancy orchestral nothingness, this has traditional stamped all over it. Yet Koldbrann surround themselves in an aura of majesty, this is elite black metal, brutality blended with discreet infectious melodies. "Kaosmanifest" is the standout track of the album, a vile gem that summarizes Koldbrann to perfection. Also standing out are the vocals. Mannevond spits out his lyrics in a most poisonous venom, taking the Norwegian language to new hights of viciousness.

Still there some flaws that stop this album short of being a masterpiece. The drum sound is absolutely horrendous. Maybe it was a wanted effect but it kills of the mood at some points. There are also a couple tracks too many which makes the novelty wear off after a while. But all in all who cares this still rules and any black metal fanatic will walk away ecstatic with this release. Hail Koldbrann!!!!!