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Decent For A The Black Dahlia Murder Clone - 65%

MetalManiac92, April 14th, 2009

This is my first review so why not do it on an album that hasn't been reviewed yet? Shades is the second full-length album by Knights of The Abyss. I'm a fan of all types of metal including deathcore. I don't put any kind of metal down and I'm unbiased. I've listened to Juggernaut (first album) and I think it's one of the better deathcore albums out there because it has a proper deathcore sound and a few good songs. If you wanted to get into deathcore it would be a pretty good album to start off with. Juggernaut was a solid deathcore album so it's expected that the second album should be better or just as good. Plus Knights of The Abyss has a few catchy songs and a catchy name so that's how a lot of people know who they are.

Shades starts out with the intro "Banished" and when you first listen to the album you're like, "Okay, another deathcore-sounding intro, more of the same sound"...and then it hits you: "Wait a sec, is this Knights of The Abyss or The Black Dahlia Murder?!" All of a sudden it jumps into the first track: "A New Darkened Faith" which I would say is the best song off the album. It has a melodic death metal sound to it (like TBDM) with TBDM style lyrics to boot. It also has a TBDM style solo in it which gets you to thinking: "Geez, another TBDM clone?!?" I think Shades is heavily influenced by TBDM. All lyrics were written by Mike Manheimer (not in band anymore) and were done by current vocalist Hadlock while recording. Not to take anything away from the song though because I think it's good, but it's too much like TBDM. At the end of the album during "Behold The Frigid Realm of Div" you also find out that the intro "Banished" has a clip of the song in it.

Overall it's a decent album. It has more of a melodic death metal sound to it compared to the first album which had a deathcore sound to it with more breakdowns and less technicality. I wish KoTA would've just stuck to their old sound but what are you gonna do when everyone wants to be like The Black Dahlia Murder? I hope that they switch back to their old Juggernaut sound on their next album because atleast it was more original than this TBDM sound. The best songs on Shades in my opinion were: "A New Darkened Faith", "Don't Feed The Heathens" and "Dis Unveiled".