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Best story on a King Diamond album - 85%

axman, August 6th, 2002

The godly Voodoo is now followed by House of God. While not up to par with Voodoo, House of God is still a great album. As always House of God is a concept album, in my opinion King's best and most unique. HOG tells the story of how Jesus didn't die on the cross and went to France and built a church. The main character finds this church and finds out the truth. Very bizarre. The line-up again shifts but this time for the better. Replacing Herb Simonson is Eidolon-shredder Glen Drover, the best guitarist King's had since Peter Blakk. Bassist David Harbour replaces Chris Estes. Unfortunatly drummer John Herbert is still present. King's vocals are still godly as always. The great intro Upon the Cross starts off HOG on a very creepy note. Then one of King's best songs The Trees Have Eyes starts off the first real song. Other great songs are Follow the Wolf, House of God, and Help!!!. Help!!! is very catchy and you might catch yourself singing along. The album's two best songs are Catacomb and This Place is Terrible. This Place is Terrible is the key point to the story and I'm still trying to figure out exactly what he's talking about. King really should have made it into two songs and maybe it would be easier to understand. Andy and Glen shred away in every song and there's plenty of songs for all the shred freaks. The ending track, Peace of Mind, however, is just a guitar melody by Andy and is quite haunting. Diamond fans should have this and though certain people don't like it I really don't care it's great and ties The Eye for number six in my favorite King Diamond cds.