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King goes holy? - 97%

Dethrone_Tyranny, January 3rd, 2004

Hell no! If anything, this album is totally anti-religion, telling King's own personal beliefs through this horror/mystery concept, his best concept up to this point. The whole moral of this story is how religion deciets, and how false it actually is, similar to the way the concept of The Eye portrays it. Personally, I happen to think that this concept also displays how love deciets people, just as well as religion. Musically, this album is definatly up there with the classics like "Them" and Conspiracy.

Upon The Cross - And the entire moral of the album is forshadowed here. The big queston. What if Jesus did NOT die on the cross? That would change everything about religion and the way religious folks think. This is an awesome, very dark and harsh narrative to start off the album.

The Trees Have Eyes - Think back to Dressed In White, with the Maiden-ish bass lines...this song is quite similar, having those Steve Harris-ish bass lines, as well as that infamous Maiden galloping riff. Of course, once the high falsettos kick in, you know damn well this is no Iron Maiden, or any other band for that matter. Kick ass tune all the way through. King is top notch performance here, delivering INCREDIBLY melodic and catchy vocals that flow so damn well with the song, that you'll have no choice but to just love what you're hearing, KD fan or not. This may indeed be the best song on the album.

Follow The Wolf - After a phenominal start to the album, it now goes to its weakest point. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad song by any means, but it doesn't quite live up to the standards of the other tracks. It starts off with a slow, acoustic guitar followed by sweet, soft falsettos...and then....BANG! The drums and heavy distortion kick in, starting off pretty kick ass but then fading into no more than an average KD tune. But for some odd reason, many fans seem to absolutly love this song.

House Of God - Church organ keyboards and slow, neo-classical rffs kick off this badass tune. King's vocals are enchantingly melodic and set the perfect mood for the listener, the type of mood that forces you to wanna make love inside of a beautiful, gothic church. By far one of King's best ballads, and ya kind of reminds me of Mercyful Fate's power ballad, Melissa, though not quite up to par with it.

Black Devil - Holy shit! This riff kicks ass!! Man, this one gives The Trees Have Eyes some STRONG competition. The riffs and rhythm are just infuckingcredible, giving you an intensly strong urge to wanna headbang or airplay either the drums or guitar. God damn, this one is a real killer, and that's all I have to say about it. >:)

The Pact - Whoa, nice groovy riffs. This is another one of the album's highlights, as well as one of the most underrated KD tunes. Killer bass lines, as well as some very upbeat riffs through out the entire song. As far as the story goes, this is where the tradgedy begins...

Goodbye - Yes! Love decieves us all!! A soft, heart wrenching tune dedicated to anyone who has been hurt or decieved by love. This song is very majestic, consisting of nothing but keyboards and vocals sung in a very sad tone.

Just A Shadow - Holy...Hell!! This intense galloping riff just strikes out of nowhere, even more powerful than the galloping riff in The Trees Have Eyes. The verses and chorus in this tune is all out amazing, just wonderfully done, leaving this track stuck in your head for who knows how long. As far as the most powerful tune on the album goes, this would have to be it.

Help!!! - Chaos....instanity....all out fucking crazy. Jeeze, just look at the title. King actually sounds as if someone is beating him to death here, and it fuckin' rules! It adds to the chaotic and mad mood that this tune was meant to deliver. It's very choppy, with the same riffs and beat repeating through the entire song....but I guess you can say that also adds to the mood of insanity. "Help!! I'm bleeeeeding nooooowwwwww.".....hehehe, that line rules.

Passage To Hell - This is just a short bridge tune that leads us up to Catacomb. This track builds up a lot of intensity, forshadowing that something bad will happen next.

Catacomb - Well, nothing really terrible happens here as far as the story line goes. The song is very steadily paced, with melodic and catchy riffs through out the first half of the song. The second half speeds up a bit more, but overall, this tune is no more than average compared to the majority of the album, yet, it's hailed so much by many other KD fans, just like Follow The Wolf. I have no idea why...

This Place Is Terrible - By far the most insane, wicked and chaotic tune on the album. It begins at a fast, steady pace and leads us up to the ultimate album epic. Yes, that is what this is....out of ANY King Diamond album, this song is definatly the best album closer, especially for an album such as this one. The lyrics are so deep, and mysterious, that it's as if King's entire view of religion is expressed in this one song. I mean, the lyrics are just out of this fucking world. And towards the ending of the song, you can just feel the mental pain and insanity that the main character is going through. This may not be the fastest or most aggressive song from KD, but it's by far his most wicked and insane. I can't tell you exactly what ends up happening to the main character, but this tune ends with the infamous "Yaaaaaahhhhhhhh....... ::choke:: ::cough:: ::splurt:: kaaaphc.c..c."

Peice Of Mind - A nice little classical tune written and performed by Andy, the best classical/metal guitarist since Randy Rhodes. After such an intense previous tune, a soft tune like this is definatly essential for the listener to hear.