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A Church Was Built Upon A Hill... - 93%

Claude_Berith, May 8th, 2006

King Diamond's career has been focused on writing tales in a mysterious way. They all talk about witchery, occultism and basically horror. House of God is a new propose lyrically. It pretty much tells a new concept of what would have happened if Jesus had survived to the crucifixion. Kind of like "The Last Temptation of the Christ" but with a different story, pretty much concentrated on Jesus' love life, confusion and laments.

The Album starts with a nice introduction song called "Upon The Cross", which tells what is going on. In the background spikes can be heard while a possessed voice leads us to "The Trees Have Eyes". A great song with a cool riff and the distinguished King Diamond vocals. Glenn Drover as led guitarist brought a new sound in this song. Actually in the whole album. As it proceeds, "Follow The Wolf" is the song that turns the album into a mysterious love pact between Jesus' and this secret Angel who get together finally in "The House of God". The song that brings the title to the album. It is a beautiful song. The Intro is pretty sad but glorious at the same time. King is heard like "lamenting his happiness" in this song because the music is melancholic but the lyrics are totally expressing other things. When the lyrics and the song is put together the result is a beautiful sappy song. "Black Devil" would be the little man sitting by the altar who's coming to take Angel away from Jesus. The music is very basic. Nothing new. Even though I've found this song to be blues ( not really). "Black Devil" is not as powerful as "The Pact". New and fantastic riffs. It really made me feel like if I would have been there. It is time for Angel to walk away, and that's basically what expresses the next song entitled "Goodbye". Church organs used to accommodate the song. All the instruments went sad. And they all sound so mythological together. Anyways, saying goodbye made Jesus an unbeliever and it is expressed in the song "Just a Shadow". "Help" is a curious song. It does make you sing along, but it is not so amazing. I particularly think this song was made to make people jump around in concerts like most of the songs in "The Graveyard" album. "Passage to Hell" is what leads us to the end of this phenomenal story with “Catacomb” and “This Place is Terrible” showing Jesus’ will to commit suicide, and show also the meaningless of god and finally find the “Peace of Mind”, which is an interesting instrumental song to end the album.

To conclude, Diamond’s 9th album is a total masterpiece. A must for all fans. Glenn shredding is quite interesting too. Not compared with other great King Diamond guitarists like Pete Black or Michael Denner, but is notorious that Glenn is a great man with his own sound which is what contributes. The vocals in this album don’t change very much, but who needs to change them. It is King Diamond! It wouldn’t be so cool if King Diamond sang different. I consider this album not to be Religious or Anti Religion. It just tells the story of this man in Diamond’s point of view. It is like someone else relating a new tale containing Countess Bathory’s adding new things to it and that. As a King Diamond fan, I think this album is a good contribution to his discography.

- Claudio Berith -