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How is it possible... - 97%

sim_maiden, November 21st, 2004

How is it possible for one man to make so many great albums and have a discography that is close to perfection? Well, the King shows us that it is possible.

It's 1989 and King Diamond has a fairly large task on his hands. He has to follow up his last great release, "Them". Thankfully the album is released and he definately does not dissapoint. "Conspiracy" is traditional King Diamond doing what he does best. The release is a touch different from his previous releases, but doesn't stray from the classic King Diamond formula that we have all come to love.

The first difference that is noticed, especially with the beginning of "At the Graves" is the increased use of keyboards, which in my honest opinion is a great addition to the music and truly enhances the experience that King is trying to put across to the listener. Also, the guitars are turned up more in the mix when compared to "Them" which is also a positive as Andy La Rocque is a magnificent guitarist and extremelly underated. The overall production of the album is much better aswell and all instruments are relatively clear.

The only problem with this album is the storyline. It is not a bad story line, its actually quite a good storyline when we consider how hard it is to create a concept album. However compared to the masterfully crafted "Abigail" and to a similar degree "Them", it doesn't match up. However, it still holds its own and proves to be quite entertaining.

Quite simply the album is a testament to what metal is all about and is a necessary album to own, including the rest of King Diamond's great discography. Also check out "Mercyful Fate", King Diamonds band for some quality metal.
In other words, this album belongs in everyones collection. The atmosphere, the musicianship, the songwriting, the vocals are all part of the equation to which the inevitable answer is to buy this album. Long Live the King!