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Is it possible to make so many great albums? - 95%

KissTheDemon, July 19th, 2004

Yeesh, we have the amazing debut 'Fatal Portrait', the epic masterpiece 'Abigale', the even better 'Them', now 'Conspiracy'! This is a speed metal classic! It doesn't get much better than this. All the tracks are absolutley killer. 'Conspiracy', lyrically, is the sequel to the previous album 'Them' . 'Them' was a masterpiece, but 'Conspiracy' is a tour de' force of metal.

'Conspiracy' is just all-out speed metal at its very best. This has to be King's best album, second only to 'The Puppet Master'. The riffing is just amazing, with harmoic extacy, with pinches second to none. Andy is the man. The hooks are as catchy as hell, these songs will be lurking in your head for weeks. The drumming, still supplied by the excellent Mikkey Dee, is insane. But King steals the show with his falsettos and operatic range.

All the tracks are great, but I am going to go throguh some of the cuts so you get a basic idea of the album. 'At the Graves' is an excellent song, King's best opener yet. 'Sleepless Nights' is an extremley catchy metaller with killer vocals and riffage. 'Lies' has a powerfully, speedy opening passage and you instantly know - this song will never leave your mind. Boosted by kings scary vocal acrobatics, this song is probably the best on the album - which says alot since all the tracks are great. I mean truley, excellent. 'Among Belongs to Them' is a multi-tempo piece, with shrieks, growls, grunts, churning screams and all not mentioned from King, wich makes it an excellent song.
'Victimized' is, along with 'Lies', my favorite song off the album. 'Cremation' has an unbelivably, cool as sac, technical opening riff that will get stuck in your head for eons.

King vocals are in top shape, and he steals the show. Playing multiple characters, that only supports his sheer acrobatics as a metal vocalist. He is amazing, the man is inhuman. Bow before the King. Also, as usual - the riffage and drumming is great. Production is excellent, as is with most King albums, especially on the Roadrunner re-master, which also has a few bonus tracks.

Bottomline, if you don't like King Diamond (WHY?), then I would definetly reccomend this as your first - because it is so unbelievably. You must but this album! King at his best, which means metal at its best. Speed metal excellence.