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A worthy album to it's namesake - 91%

axman, August 5th, 2002

First off let me say fuck you to all the people who dissed this album. Now with that off my chest let's get to the review. Abigail II:The Revenge picks up where the first Abigail left off. Now 18 years later the Abigail born on the first cd is back at the mansion to pay Jonathan a visit. Though many have dissed this album it is a more then worthy successor to it's namesake and is the fourth best King Daimond album. As the evershifting line up again changes this time we have (King and LaRocque as always) Mercyful Fate/Memento Mori shredder Mike Wead, while not as good as his predecessor, Glen Drover, Mike does a fine job, better then the one he did on 9. Returning to bass is Them/Conspiracy/The Eye thumper Hal Patino and filling after the aweful John Herbert is the incredible Matt Thompson on drums. Matt IS as good (on a technical level) as Mikkey Dee but sometimes he isn't as emotional. The songs are very well crafted and the lyrics tie everything together very well. The intro, Spare This Life, is as always very eerie and atmospheric. The opening track The Storm kicks things off into high gear with a fast-paced headbanger. Mansion In Sorrow while not as good as the original Mansion In Darkness still kicks ass. Other highlight are Slippery Stairs, The Crypt (featuring a killer solo by Wead), Broken Glass, and the albums two best tracks The Wheelchair and Spirits. Both have some killer drumming and soloing and are just masterfully written. The creepy outro Sorry Dear also is quite good. If you are a Diamond fan you already have this and if your looking for great melodic metal and you haven't checked out KD yet (BLASPHEMY!) this is as good a place as any to start, though you won't get the story.