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Classic old metal combined with generic metalcore. - 36%

Luxaky, May 9th, 2008

So, here it is. Metalcore meets classic metal.

Honestly, I thought this cover was bearable for the first minute and thirty seconds, or so. The guitars were too prominent and the bass was nonexistent, but the clean vocals were actually pretty good. It sounded like a decent cover....

Until I heard those god-awful metalcore screams.

As soon as those...abominations...began, the song changed from a modern tribute to a good song into a generic metalcore number. Also, that bridge...good God. It's like they took it from something they saw on MTV and stuck it in the middle of the song and then said, "Yeah, we're so smart. We made a better riff than Dio."

The solo...I'll give some credit for trying, at least. Not much, though, because they failed to capture the same kind of emotion that the original version of the song did. Hey, though, at least they tried...

I think the worst part of the song was that horrific bridge with the screaming over it. The worst individual aspect, technologically, was the guitars. They were just too bloody aggressive for me.

The only redeeming factor, really, was the clean vocals. They weren't THAT bad...but there's not much else I can say about this song other than that it looks like an attempt to gain popularity with fans of classic metal by core-izing a classic song. In my opinion, it was a failed attempt.