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Oh, my... - 50%

Khat57, April 13th, 2010

I remember this being on the radio a lot when it first came out way back when. I was just getting into music then, and even back then, I hated this, not even knowing that it was a cover of Dio. Now, years later, after discovering the awesomeness that is Dio, you'd think I would hate this more knowing that they raped such a classic, right?

Well, yes and no. It's not entirely butchered, but there are moments that make me wince bad enough to lower the rating. I'm not a KSE-hater, I actually find them to be one of, if not the only tolerable metalcore band. Even so, if the KSE-isms were cut, this could have scored a 70, maybe even an 80 from me. The classic harpsichord intro is cut, which is actually a reasonable decision since they obviously wanted this to fit time constraints to get airplay. (and boy, did they ever get airplay...) That classic riff is still instantly recognizable, which is somewhat a relief. Howard Jones even emulates Dio's "Mmm, yeah, yeah" in the beginning, and overall, it sounds like a promising cover, minus that -core "whammy" effect that pops up every so often in the background. Where it really starts to go to shit is at 1:26, when they add... a fucking breakdown, of all things. Thankfully, it lasts all of 15 seconds, but it's still painful to sit through. When that breakdown ends, promise picks up again with a faithful rendition of the guitar solo. But during the next verse and chorus, my heart sinks with -core screaming in the background. Oh, ye gods...

This is such a mixed bag. When Howard Jones isn't screaming, he actually isn't too bad of a clean singer, and the instruments do a fine job at recreating the song. (minus that god-awful breakdown...) Cover songs are hard to review; if a band follows the original too closely, there is hardly any point of doing it in the first place, and if they stray too far from the original, it's hardly recognizable. Even a good cover would only warrant a score of about 80 from me. (unless it's Death's godly rendition of "Painkiller," of course) Here, KSE basically followed the original too closely and randomly added their own KSE-isms, making those sections unrecognizable, so they did a bit of both, trying to make both their own fan-base and fans of Dio happy, which... seems like an odd mix.

This isn't an abomination to music as I thought nearly 5 years ago when this came out, but I still wouldn't consider it worth purchasing. Just worth a listen to it once or twice on Youtube or the radio, wherever you hear it. If you like seeing potential crumble instantaneously, this is definitely one to listen to.