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Oh C'mon... it's not THAT bad... - 69%

JoeCapricorn, November 14th, 2007

This song is actually quite true to the original version... with the exception of the breakdown, the screaming vocals, the production, the downtuned guitars, higher speed, and the overall metalcoreness of the song...

But the solo, general riffs, and most of the vocals are true to the original. Hell, Howard even pulls off a mean Dio impression. Does it work? Maybe not for the people who grew up listening to Dio, but for the younger generation it sure as hell does! It seems to have caught the attention of so many KsE fans that it has been requested during every show the band has played for the past year.

So what is this single? This is a way to capitalize on the desire of KsE fans to own a copy of this song that they are able to play on their MP3 player, without having to go out and buy a compilation full of shitty covers by mostly shitty bands.

It's not nearly as good as the original, but in my case, I haven't heard the original in a long while before hearing this song, and I enjoyed this cover, but the superiority of the original made me enjoy that song even better than before this cover was even made.