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Let me explain to you why this sucks - 0%

Idontsuckdick, December 7th, 2008

The majority of people dislike this little cover because it puts a god awful genre into a classic song and was quickly and poorly done. But I have a different take on this. There is a far more evil and sinister work at hands here. What the two factors are in this cover that make it god awful are as follows:
1) The band used it as a publicity stunt to gain exposure
2) It in truth just doesn't sound good.

First I need to define why this truly sucks. What this band did was they took a classic song that everyone knows and loves and decided to cover it, and for what reason? MONEY. Ah yes, the greedy mans heart decided that he would rather make money than create good music.

Ok now this is where I really start to crap my pants. The band releases the song by itself as a single, no other music to accompany it on an album, and a video was made for it to promote their little creation. Read that again and consider it. Now do you realize what this is? It's a publicity stunt. Everybody knows and loves Dio and by covering this song Killswitch Engage gets the media and our beloved (yes, sarcasm) Kerrang to pick them up. Then they get promoted and whored, in which the public is told to check out the mighty masterpiece and remake of the classic song. But the media likes to overlook what the band did. They tried to show they were lovely musicians by putting a modern spin on the classic song, which was done poorly. A band can't just take the song and get famous off of it, it's basically plagiarism. By making a video for it the band is pretending it is their own work. They did not make their own themed music and put forth the effort to make it original, no instead they took somebody else’s work and got famous off of it. Disgusting plagiarism is how I see it.

And now what happens? Every 21st generation metal fan associates Holy Diver with "That totally cool Killswitch Engage thing." Bah, disgusting. I hope they realize it is a Dio song, and at least heard the original version.

The video is another depressing factor in this cover. The video, if you notice, does not incorporate any of the themes and context of the song into it. Instead we have sexy ladies, a goofy knight, and goofy people prancing around making a little joke and show out of it. But what gave them the right to make a video out of this song? Why not use one of their own songs with their own themes.

So let’s now focus on the actual song. No, it is not a good listen. This version can not be listened to and enjoyed; there is no amazing musical factor that causes the listener to enjoy it. The vocals do not amount to Dio at all; and so they say, let’s try to take it in a different direction by adding harsh vocals! Well that is not the point of the song, and they are not looking inventetive by doing it. Plus his harsh vocals just stink anyway. And the breakdown ah yes, so clever and ingenious. Smashing on the lowest note of the guitar and crashing on the symbols while the vocalist growls as loud as he can. Have I heard this before? OF COURSE. Just spin the classic song into a totally different direction if you wish, but try not to butcher it in the process. This song is no fun to listen to and I definitely would want the original version instead.

My biggest complaint about this is the band really just used this song to gain attention. I personally enjoy listening to covers, but those good covers are used in good context. The band enjoys the original song and wants to have fun playing the music they like. However they don’t use their cover to get big and try to make it their own, respect is given to the original writer. Killswitch Engage asserts that they really don't respect Dio, and they don't actually know much about him. They took his most popular song, in which Dio has many other which are better than it. They tried to rework it and the song just screams "PLAGIARISM".

So Killswitch Engage may say “Thanks Dio for allowing use to use your work, we love and respect you.” But what they are really saying is “Dio, we don’t care about you or your music, but thanks for letting us get big off of it. See you at the next loser of the year convention!”