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Classic metal song butchered by core - 50%

IWP, October 30th, 2007

By now, everyone should know the song Holy Diver is. At least if you call yourself a metalhead, anyway. Most people also know the infamous metalcore band, Killswitch Engaged. As for the genre itself, most bands consist of heavy distortion, mixed with generic "hardcore" screaming and breakdowns, that to most people a.k.a. morons sounds "heavy" and "aggressive". However, people such as myself know better. I will admit though, I can tolerate certain metalcore bands. Unearth, for example, are pretty decent. However, Killswitch are NOT a core band that I can tolerate. Most of their music is boring and genrerally awful.

Now onto the song itself. Holy Diver (originally by the god himself, Ronnie James Dio) is one hell of an awesome song. One thing I hate is when shitty modern bands cover classic songs such as this. Especially if it's a shitty cover. Now Killswitch did not do too bad of a job on this song. In fact, musically, it's pretty good. It has an updated sound to it. The melodys are pretty good too. Everything goes fine and dandy until that son of a bitch of a singer starts screaming in the pre-chorus. That's when everything in this song goes to shit. If he only would've stayed with his clean singing, this would've been a pretty decent, if not, good cover. Way to ruin a good song, asshole!

So basically, what we have here is yet another crapcore band sucking the dick of a classic metal band. We've seen this before when Trivium tried to turn thrash on The Crusade when Heafy tried to sound just like James Hetfield, but never quite got it right. I would've given this review a 60% since musically, the cover is pretty good, but I had to take 10 points off, because in my opinion, this has to be one of the most overrated songs of 2007. If you're a Killswitch fanboy who for some reason or another thinks that Killswitch wrote this song, listen to the original version by Dio, because it's at least 100 times better. I'll leave it at that. Burn your Killswitch cds, and go get some Dio and Iron Maiden.