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A fantastic album - 98%

Natla_Romar, August 8th, 2007

Ever since I first heard about Killswitch Engage, they were always a band I was curious about. When I first heard "My Curse" on a sampler CD I got from my local record store, it immediately grabbed my attention and made me want to buy the album just to hear if the whole record was as good as this. I was not disappointed.

Simply put, I love this album and I have several reasons why. First and foremost are the vocals of Howard Jones. Man does that guy have pipes! His voice is easily one of the best and most unique I have ever heard in metal music. I found myself in disbelief hearing him go from a brutal death scream to a clean singing voice, and he manages to pull them both off with equal excellence. That fact alone allows Killswitch to not only come at you with an intense sonic assault, but also create melodies, (and beautiful ones at that) on every song. While I'm sure this might alienate fans of more "extreme" metal, I have absolutely no problem with it. To me it is one of the things that makes this band's sound so unique. The powerful yet catchy dual-guitar work of Joel Stroetzel and Adam Dutkiewicz is a perfect complement to Howard's voice.

Another thing that jumped out at me about the album was its subject matter. Unlike the doom and gloom themes you hear in most metal, Killswitch Engage chooses to write about positive subjects, and I commend them greatly for that. Throughout this record I heard themes of friendship ("Eye of the Storm", Desperate Times"), loyalty ("My Curse"), and belief in oneself throughout life's trying times ("This is absolution", "Unbroken"), and that's part of what makes "As Daylight Dies" so uplifting. Sure, many of the songs also deal with personal struggles, but I can tell the message this band is trying to convey to the listener, and that is that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I only had to listen to a few songs to realize why this site lists "positivity" as one of KSE's lyrical themes. I even caught hints of the band's stand on changes that need to be made in our society on songs like "Daylight Dies" and "Reject Yourself". Also, I love the pure emotion Killswitch put into this album. I found myself emotionally connecting with so many of these songs, something that doesn't happen often.

In brief, "As Daylight Dies" has almost single-handedly made me a fan of Killswitch Engage. I can agree that the songs are somewhat formulaic and there isn't much variety here. KSE doesn't branch out much from "what they do" but I love what the band does so much here that it doesn't bother me at all. Killswitch has won me over with this album and made me interested in investing in their back catalogue as well.


"Daylight Dies"
"This is Absolution"
"The arms of sorrow"
"My Curse"
"Eye of the Storm"
"Desperate Times"