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Kings of metalcore still going strong! - 80%

As_Dalight_Burns, January 21st, 2008

Ever since first hearing "When Darkness Falls" on my Freddy Vs. Jason soundtrack I was completely blown away by Killswitch. I wondered how someone can scream so well and then switch into an amazing emotional singing voice. This was in 2004 and now fast foward too 2006 and we have their latest offering "As Daylight Dies."

While it might not be as heavy as their older albums, it makes up for that on the catchiness factor. Every track is filled with Howards amazing screams and his great singing, especially on tracks like "Daylight Dies", "Arms of Sorrow", "My Curse", "Eye of the Storm" and "Break the Silence." But thats not to say that other members don't standout. Adam like always, is a pinch harmonic god. Especially in songs like "Daylight Dies" with that amazing screaming/guitar switch in the intro. Another standout of his is "My Curse" they flow perfectly in it. He also gets some amazing singing in this album. Near the end of "My Curse" and "Reject Yourself." After hearing his singing voice it makes you think, why don't they let him use it more? Justin's standout track here is for sure "This Is Absolution." Through out the whole song you can hear his bass drum and it sounds wonderful. "Still Beats Your Name" is also a great track for him, nice fills and again great bass drum work. Joel does his job great as a ryhthem guitarist, backs up Adam perfectly and makes the twin guitar harmonies sound perfect. I'd love to comment on Mike but you can't really hear his base >_> Oh well, at least he does a great job with the artwork.

Overall, I'd say this is my 2nd favorite Killswitch album as the standout tracks are just amazing. Of course this album has a couple filler but those are easily avoided or forgotten about because they usually come right after an amazing track. So buy the time those come on you're still going "wow was that other song just amazing." If you're just getting into Killswitch then I'd say this album is great for you as its their most commercial. If you find yourself wanting more then pick up "The End of Heartache." first and if you want the heavier Killswitch then go for "Killswitch Engage" and "Alive or Just Breathing." I forgot to mention, be sure to pick up the special edition of this album as it comes with 3 amazing new songs and their absolutely fantastic cover of the classic "Holy Diver".

Highlights include:
"Daylight Dies"
"Arms of Sorrow"
"My Curse"
"Reject Yourself"
"Let the Bridges Burn" (Special Edition)
"Holy Diver" (Special Edition)