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A brutal reissue - 90%

Akerthorpe, May 15th, 2018

Finally, this devastating release gets a proper reissue! Killing Addiction’s “Omega Factor” has stood the test of time while garnering respect and reverence in the underground for the past 25 years. Originally released on the Turbo/JL America label in 1993, this was some of the heaviest metal to be released at that time. However, this release never got the notoriety that it should have, but I hold firm in my opinion that it was a label issue and no fault of the band. With the release of this album, the band proved that they could share the stage with many bigger bands within the death metal genre. That’s not to say they sound like this band or that band but, while they did have influences, they had their own unique sound. With that being said, the band embodied what it meant to be true, underground, straight from the soul death metal!

For instance the riffs which are reminiscent of early Morbid Angel with elements of early Autopsy and Napalm Death. They are extremely powerful with a nice “gritty” sound that really digs in deep with a tormenting tone. These riffs are some of the most torturous and demented of the early 90’s. Now add the traditional death metal style of drumming, and the stage is set for what comes next. That would be what makes this album stand out and makes the band unique. A lot of bands go for high production which is fine, but Killing Addiction have such a raw sense of brutality on this album. The production isn’t really all that thick, but the raw presentation hits you just as hard. As the album progresses, you can feel it more and more. The band has definitely taken a different approach here. They not only want you to hear the agony within this masterpiece, they want you to feel it too. Most bands, during this time, used their lyrics to get the most agonistic of points across, and, while the band does use this tactic, the high point of this album is the talent an sound mind enough to not do what every other band in the early 90’s was doing.

There is no doubt that this is a maddening piece of death metal in the highest degree, but I urge all listeners, new and old alike, to listen to this release intently and let its raw viciousness soak in. Don’t just listen to what makes this album different, but feel it. From the first note to the last. Most of all, feel the nostalgia all over again with this amazing reissue put out by Xtreem Music. It not only has the “Omega Factor” album, but it also has the “Necrosphere” 7” from 1991 and the “Legacies of Terror” demo from 1990. This reissue is an excellent top of the line type that this album and the band deserves. Even if you own the original, it would be well worth your time and money to get the reissue as well.