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Killers - Resistances - 88%

Obrian, August 2nd, 2009

Killers – Resistances

A lot of people would describe fellow countrymen “Nightmare” as the French “Iron Maiden.” well if there was ever was a French “Rage, or Grave Digger” this would be it. Its got the speed, aggression, and melody of these bands in just the right doses, that had they been German and sung in English I have no doubts they would have been just as well known as the a fore mentioned bands.

However I fear the use of the French language greatly limited their success outside of French speaking parts of the world. But let not that detract from what is really on display here, good old-fashioned ass kicking power metal.

The album itself is rather short (clocking in a little over 36 minutes), but I feel that it is actually an advantage to the album; I think its helps get the point across, rather then prolong the experience beyond what the songs could offer. Each song on the album delivers, there are no real weak tracks though the last track is little off as far as the rest of the album goes throwing in some hard rock attitude and sound, but its off kilter attitude to the rest of the album works well regardless.

The best aspect of the album, in my opinion is the balance of all the instruments and the part they play in the over all sound. The Rhythm guitars are crunchy and “alive” sounding. The lead work is very tasteful and one of my personal favorite aspects of their sound. The bassist is an active member throwing in audible fills and providing to the over all feel to the song, in a greatly appreciated way. The Drummer again sounds organic forming around the music, while the vocalist, provides an almost thrash like aggression to the music.

So in conclusion if you like old school power metal with a raw organic sound, I would recommend this some of the highlights include Vengeance, Prisonnier, Metamorphose, and Soliel Noir.