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Well...this is almost a success! - 75%

Snxke, July 3rd, 2004

Normally I don't ANY compilation with Sir Paul Di'Anno's name on it (despite being one of his biggest fans) but this is a decent cross-section of the entire Killers era of his career that is so solid that I can endorse this under the issue that all fair-weather Paul fans should pick this up if they don't want to buy his entire Killers back-catalog.

The material here is all Killers of course...with the "Murder One" material being less aggressive (and more melodic) than the material that ended up on the extremely aggressive "Menace to Society". Both represent interesting cross-sections of the mans career though, and are both worthy of listens. If you can't find/don't have the money to buy both you can pick this up and get some nifty live versions of Iron Maiden (among others) tunes along with it!

On one hand...the constant rehashing is an insult to all real Paul fans...but compared to the realtive uselessness of all the other compilations this one actually seems to wish to serve some form of purpose. You can hear all the best (excluding oddly..."Marshall Lockjaw") of the Killers band in one small unit.

If you want one album that covers the best and most of the bands career...this may be the compilation for you...

On a side note...what a dorky looking album cover...that is probably the most hideous thing I've ever seen! (It's even worse that when the same company issued some Venom comp they used the same picture...ackh!)