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Grande Rocke! - 81%

Snxke, June 10th, 2003

This live release captures Killers at their best in a live setting. A lot of people missed this work which was in many ways his rebirth. This is also a concentration on his solo work live, instead of Iron Maiden, which is a massivel plus. I simply hope that the new incarnation can capture this rocking set as well.

Paul launches through tracks from Murder One and Menace to Society as if he's going to burst a vein in his neck. (Unlike most people I actually ENJOYED these records in their original form.) Also note, that the version of "Wrathchild" contained within is a lot of fun.

A strongly suggest you buy this CD if you can find it...its a rare but wonderful little pack of songs. I can only hope that Paul once again decides that his solo work is worth playing live.