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Nothing but competent - 70%

tomcat_ha, June 30th, 2013

Here we have one of those forgotten death/thrash albums. This one was done by Killaman from Sweden. Killaman is quite an unknown band and the other bands the guys in here were in are not the most famous either. I guess Deranged is the biggest name of those other bands.

So what do we actually have here? Well we have something that sounds between old death/thrash and the death/thrash stuff you can find today. I'd say it sounds closer to old school death/thrash however. It reminds me mostly to the 2nd Merciless album as this is also more chunky sounding than most old death/thrash. The drums are mostly done in a classic fast paced crossover thrash style. The riffs are chunky and meaty with an occasional crustlike riff thrown in as well. The bass is there in the background, not very audible on first listen but once you notice what the tone of the bass you will hear it through the mix well enough. The vocals remind me of a brutal death metal vocalist trying to do death/thrash vocals. They are alright but not very varied but competently done regardless.

The album is fun but it just does not have enough interesting moments. A few songs sound like they written several times over for this album just with slight variances riff wise. This is not a bad thing as the riffs are still decently written it however does make it so that the songs just run into each other. There are no moments that made me think, “Hey this sounds awesome.” In fact that is a reason why there is not that much to say about this record. This album has like 3 different songs that were all written several times again. Put this album on and time just passes. You will listen to it with a slight smile but if you are doing something else this quickly changes into full on background music because of it. Personally I would put this record on as an interlude. Say on a day I am mostly in a doom metal mood and album shuffle puts this on it would be nice. It is not something that you would actually really get into the mood to listen to. Fans of chunky death/thrash will enjoy putting this on and checking what it sounds like but other than that I do not think many other people will want to bother.