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666 - 80%

ShotgunBlasphemy, April 26th, 2004

I don't know jackshit about this band other than they're from Sweden and they can play some mean death/thrash. They have a full-length out, but I couldn't find it, but I find their demo which I will review

This is some killer ass death/thrash! It's quickly becoming my favorite metal genre. Very fast-paced, excellent riffs, drumming is tight, vocals are good. I fucken love this shit. The three songs on this demo are all excellent, and since there's only three tracks I'll do a rundown of each one.

"In Darkness Stalking Human Life" - First thing you hear is an awesome thrash riff, and then it picks up with the death metal vocals which are growled fast as hell. There's a nice little mosh part near the end that leads into a typical short thrash solo. Good track.

"Pistol Whipped" - Another great, fast track. Shit, there ain't a slow one on here. Pretty much the same goddamn thing as the first track.

"Nihilist And Proud" - My favorite track on this demo. The riff is wesome..CHUGGADUHCHUGGACHUGGAH. This track is just awesome, from beginning to end it's just pure thrashing death metal. No stops whatsoever. Good way to end this small demo.

This definitely makes me want to pick up their full-length album. I love thrash, and I love death metal. I love it even more when bands decided to put the two together.