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Become God - 76%

Mailman__, October 27th, 2018

Out of every intro in the history of intros, there is not one that I love more than this one. The symphonic elements perfectly fit the epic proportions of annihilation of which the voice-over speaks of.

Hailing from Texas, home of my favorite brutal death metal scene, and formed by Brian Wynn (guitars) and Mike Majewski (vocals) formerly of Devourment, Kill Everything seems like one of the most promising slam acts of the modern era. With pounding riffs that are actually somewhat enjoyable, Kill Everything present themselves as having potential.

But is it me or does Majewski's voice sound extremely dry? It's not a huge issue, but it's certainly noticeable. It's at least tolerable. I mean, on 1999's "Molesting the Decapitated", the only album he sang for while in Devourment, he sounded great. Back then his voice was chunky and guttural. Now it's raspy and guttural.

Other than the vocals, the album as a whole is pretty heavy, but other than the intro, I don't see much to be crazy about. The riffs are good. That's it. They're heavy, pounding, and monstrous, thanks to the production. However, there is nothing special about them. There is no technicality, no interesting rhythms that I can remember, and no originality. I know that one can't expect much originality from a slam release, but I thought a bit of technicality was a staple for the genre.

Back to the intro, there isn't much beyond what is presented on it. Some cool riffs can be heard here and there throughout the album, but nothing sticks in your memory. None of it is memorable. I don't listen to a ton of slam, but I know excellent slam when I hear it. Take Organectomy for example. They're technical, they have interesting rhythms, and they have slam melodies that would make other slam acts feel stupid for not coming up with them first. What Kill Everything have on their debut album is average slam. It's what you expect to hear; it's by the books. Sure there's a cool tremolo riff every now and then, but if I wanted to hear that, I'd listen to Viral Load or early Devourment instead.

In total, Kill Everything have a good album. It's not impressive, but it's good. It's fun slam with amusing lyrics and themes. They have a lot of potential. Also, the album artwork is cool.

Overall Rating: 76%

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