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Simply Great - 80%

zarto, March 28th, 2012

With the names that are part of this band, Kill Devil Hill obviously awakens in me and probably in every listener, that kind of curiosity that is an essential part of the human being. Of course part from being metalhead, and as a reviewer, fan, and person who appreciates metal music in almost every form, this album left me gratefully surprised and satisfied.

Rex Brown comes from a band that has never appealed to me. Pantera has never been one of my favorites, and even making me think there’s something wrong with me. His band mate, Vinny Appice, is clearly one of the greatest drummers alive today, the other two I regretfully have never heard of.

Musically this band is pretty cool, because they maintain the simplistic form of drum-guitar-bass-vocals, and for a simplistic method they sound good as hell. The riffs obviously for every listener will bring you back some Sabbath stuff, showing that this Mark Zavon has a lot of talent, combining tempos, mixing rhythms and executing very decent solos; the percussion part is pretty good, Appice does a job that has always being one of his characteristic: professional, high class, and loud!; Brown has strong bass lines, even bringing Pantera memories (the good ones), keeping the structure of the songs, and showing that time hasn't passed him by, even when his health says otherwise; the most uprising part for me was the vocals, this Dewey Bragg, completely unknown for me (and probably for many readers), but after listening to him it’s like Layne Staley wants resurrect. His voice is simple, but has so much feeling that makes me sing along (that doesn’t happen too often just ‘cause my voice is horrible).

All in all, this band is just starting, has a lot of talent, professionalism, and clearly an excellent production, just according with the names here (the know ones). This album is exactly for people like me, always asking for something new, something decent, and hell… something good.

Written by me in Metal Temple: