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Kill – Burning Blood (2012) - 70%

Asag_Asakku, May 29th, 2012

Trajectory of some black metal bands sometimes evokes a winding road, reflecting the different changes of style or trend that occurred over the years. Some evolve into progressive music, others incorporate classical instruments. But not Kill. This Swedish band, founded in 1998, belongs to the most uncompromising branch of the black tree. Old school Scandinavian from head to toe, the band's music comes from the first ages of black metal. And it is certainly not Burning Blood (2012) that will change this perception!

The opening song, Veni Satana, confirms in seconds that Kill has no intention of deviating from the route chosen fourteen years ago. Clearly inspired by Bathory, Beherit, Venom and the handful of other cult bands of the 1980s, our four Swedish demons are unleashing decibels with passion. It's fat, dirty and sweating ... and very good! Historically, I am extremely critical of bands that choose to plagiarize indiscriminately classical black metal songs, but I am also able to distinguish those who add their own twist to a style otherwise well saturated. Burning Blood is - of course - a predictable disk, this type of music being played for over twenty years now. But the main quality of this album lies rather in the conviction displayed by its authors. The songs are interpreted with a contagious passion and a sincere brutality that is never feigned. Production, heavy and dirty, is ideal for this kind of music and songs like Cursed Of Steel Nails, Kill or Desecration Temple could give anyone a serious envy to give chase to some Christians!

Faithful to the path they have chosen to take, the bullies of Kill do not disappoint. They hold high the banner of the bloody old school black metal and confirm that this style, when properly interpreted, can still fully satisfy a demanding amateur. 7/10

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