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Now this is something else... - 80%

almightyjoey, July 10th, 2009

'Chaos is my Name' is a truly different beastie to what you'd expect. Even if you've heard the member's past work (Khanate and Thorr's Hammer being the most notable, I imagine), you will be put off by this. Sure, like both aforementioned bands, it is slow, and has some crazy vocals. Think you can take it? Think again.

This album, as evidenced by the song titles, is meant to be listened to in one sitting. People might find this a challenge, but, personally, I think it's way too short. Because of these two points, I'll avoid referring to single tracks except for the following exceptions. Some of the tracks can be slow, such as 'II' and 'VI', but they're more on the ambient side rather than drone doom. These juxtapose heavily with tracks like 'I' and 'III', which are essentially, directionless noise. And by the last sentence, I mean it in the nicest way possible.

The noisier tracks are, put simply, nothing short of incredible. Droning notes are interrupted by rapid-fire bursts of distorted guitar, which will probably remind you of James Plotkin's previous work in electronic acts such as Atomsmasher and Phantomsmasher. These are complimented nicely by Tim's drumming, which at times is reminiscent of Jazz fusion, and other times grindcore. What makes this even better, though, is Miss Gammelsaeter. Nothing she has done previously can prepare you for this. They're not like the chanting she done on Sunn O)))'s "Gates of Ballard", nor are they straight-forward death grunts like in Thorr's Hammer. She sounds positively possessed in this. Squealing, gurgling, retching, roaring and groaning, there's not a single moment when she doesn't sound magnificently terrifying.

While I can imagine people would find this album hard to swallow, it's definitely worth having. I'd listen to some samples first, though. It's too fast for doom, too death metal for avant-garde and too scary for normal folks. If this doesn't bother you, don't hesitate. While it's not the best thing Tim or James has done (Personally, I prefer Khanate), this is Runhild's crowning achievement, and probably the epitome of female fronted metal bands.