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No joy to be found here! - 90%

Nocturnal_Art, March 5th, 2006

This is a hard album to review, mainly because there really isn't much to it. It's pure fucking drone doom, like you won't imagine! I'll start by saying this album sounds like something a serial killer would play down in his basement while taking apart body parts. Yeah, a demented, sick, person's soundtrack. This is not album or should I say music for everybody to enjoy. "Skin Coat" makes me think of "Silence of the lambs." Someone making a coat for themselves, made of human skin, the finest on the market. Although, the track lyrics may have nothing to do with that, the thickness of the song, brings forward the vibe. That track also has to be my favorite on here, but I'm getting a little ahead of myself here. The album starts with heavy riffs, the slowest. Now, don't expect much change throughout the song or the rest of the album in fact because there isn't much. A song sticks to what it began with. Some people would categorize this as "background music" which sounds reasonable to a certain extent. But I think this album should be enjoyed loud and also your full attention should be on it. You can easily take a walk with this playing in your headphones and not get bored. Many of you already know what O'Mally is and what he brings to the table, it's a full dish.

Vocals are thin, angry, sick, fitting this o so well. I can't think of any one that I can compare the vocals to. I heard some say Bethlehem, but I personally can't say the same. The vocals here stay well on their own without any comparisons. Here, you won't find many changes in the pattern that is used in the vocals like that of Bethlehem. But back to the actual music. The guitar like I already mention before stays thick and rough throughout the whole album, not too many changes. Of course, the songs all sound different from each other. The painfully slow riffs, but with great interludes. I say "Skin Coat" is the most interesting one when it comes to that aspect. The drums are nothing special, but are obviously needed to support the rest of the music. If you think about it how much can a drummer do with drone doom? Not much. Overall this record creates a nice sick atmosphere. This piece gets frequent play since I got it. No joy!