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Kestmorg - Infective Vultures Receptacle

Infective indeed.... - 87%

Acherontic, August 22nd, 2009

One could categorize Kestmorg as Symphonic Black Metal, although it hardly warrants being placed into the same category as Cradle of Filth or Dimmu Borgir (the two bands that most people will probably think of right away). However, that sentence does sum up the entire album: it's cleanly-produced black metal with keyboards and occasional clean female vocals. Fortunately the EP is very well done, and worth several times the near-insignificant amount of money I paid for it. To some the keyboards might seem overdone or placed too high into the mix - too prevalent in general - but it appears to work well enough, and it's still undoubtedly Black Metal.

UNfortunately, the band no longer plays this kind of music - they've moved to electro - and we are not likely to see any more of this particular genre. Really, this is masterful work for an unknown band; no element is out of place and there's an actual rhythm to be found in each of the three songs. The beginning of "Ice-Tech Expanse" is likely the best example of this, overall - everything meshes together perfectly. Each of these songs is either in the five or seven minute range, and for that the listener will be grateful. Despite the abruptness of having only three songs, each one of them is a good length so that the EP appears longer. If you can manage to find Infective Vultures Receptacle, I would definitely recommend it, and it's a shame that Kestmorg gave up on Black Metal.