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Cloven Hooves... - 90%

ShadowSouled, July 2nd, 2010

What do you get when you put Pete Helmkamp of Angelcorpse, B.Wolaniuk, and J.Read of Conqueror in a room and tell them to make music? At the very least, the end product will sound violent, depraved, furious, and completely lacking in human morals. This is the best way one can describe the music of Kerasphorus.

This is Kerasphorus’ first release, consisting of four tracks and clocking in at a little more than eighteen minutes. A short intro builds up the tension, which then explodes forth to assault the listener with savage blackened death violence. The guitars are a blistering barrage of Angelcorpse-like proportions, not surprising considering who wrote the songs; however, there is also a touch of black metal madness inserted into the mix, doubtless from the other songwriter. The bass is quite audible and doesn’t merely follow the lead, which adds a whole dimension to the sound. For anyone not familiar with J.Read’s drumming style, he delivers an almost constant, controlled onslaught blast at inhuman speeds. The vocals are Helmkamp’s usual foul rasp that can be heard on Angelcorpse, as well as Revenge releases. The production is quite clear, a bit of a surprise considering the genre.

Overall, this EP is exactly what one would expect from these three musicians. It is unfortunate that this band called it quits so early into their career, as one could have expected great things from them. Nevertheless, definitely a worthy investment.

-Originally written for Fueled Magazine