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Finally... - 87%

mutiilator, December 17th, 2003

...finally something decent emerges from the long-forgotten originating scene we used to know and love. After a short break-up, KEEP OF KALESSIN return with a new short, but sweet, mcd/ep. “Reclaim” features an almost erotic line-up, with two of the best and most known musicians in Black Metal history – Atilla Csihar and Frost. Reclaim starts of with an intro, and then flings the listener into a good mix of death-ish Black Metal with Atilla’s trademark vokills. The fast, clean drumming of Frost and the blazing riffing if founding KOK member, Obsidian C., combine to form a music which borders on both Death and Black, but refuses to be categorized with the tired labels of today. The lengthy tracks are a treat, as the ep itself is very well done, though short it may be. Atilla utilizes his full range of voice as we saw he was capable of on ABORYM’s “With No Human Intervention”. The overall sound still maintains a hint of KOK’s original style, but the new layer of vokills comes as a fresh sound whilst replacing the decent – but tiresome and unspectacular – singing off the debut KOK lp’s. If you’re looking for something clean and catchy, but hard and heavy, I recommend you check out this new one from Norway’s KEEP OF KALESSIN.