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Intensive and furious! - 93%

Agren 85, December 2nd, 2011

As a matter of fact, ''Reclaim'' marked the new music area of Keep of Kalessin since the sound has become fuller compared to their previous records released before. It was also something like the returning album of Keep of Kalessin back then since it was originally published in 2003 some four years after the ''Agnen'', but anyway, we needed to wait 3 more years yet for the final and bombastic comeback.

So this is the record that marks the new path, but also it stays in the middle of their discography. The ep starts with the intro ''Traveler'' and then comes the track entitled ''IX''. Both songs are directly inspired by the book and movie ''Dune'', so you will find some samples there as well. I don't know, but it really reminds me of Blind Guardian. Just remember the track ''Traveler in Time'' and you will surly notice of what I am thinking about. Actually, I find it somehow amusing to make such parallels between Keep of Kalessin and Blind Guardian.

The next song is ''Come Damnation''. Well, this one has later become a great hit probably because of the video and is very heavy and melodic vibe. I will not forget Attila Csihar on vocals as well. He has done the great job on this particular song, although I think that Thebon perfectly suits the music of Keep of Kalessin nowadays. And there are two more tracks both announcing what is to come from Keep of Klalessin in the future. It is doubtless that ''Reclaim'' surly is a cornerstone in the biography and discography of Keep of Kalessin.

As a matter of fact, ''Reclaim'' is one of the most important issues when it comes to Keep of Kalessin. From this record, people have started to think more seriously about this Norwegian band!