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Ugh... - 60%

Snxke, July 6th, 2004

Cheesy heavy metal.

This is all you need to know about this band. Highly hailed overseas and somewhat popular in their day this band shows heavy metal as it's brain dead worst. Sadly, they also put together an entertaining hook so one can listen to it, tap his foot and be disgusted at the utter display of stupidity presented here. Not as naive as a band like Jaguar (and not as much fun) the band is a marketing dream come true. (If you lived in 1985 when this came out, at least.) The band are all tight, the singing is good enough amd the songs drip with all sorts of cheesy mid-80's fist pumping that one can't get out of his matter how much he might want to.

The songs are dumb. The lyrics are dumber. The riffs sadly...are somewhat catchy and can annoy the listener after one or two listens. I couldn't get through it more than once...but I gave it a chance and a song or two haunted me for more time than I would have wished. If you like that sort of classic metal with cheesy photos, head-banging perms and idiotically catchy chorus sections - this one is for you.

Terrible...but did this happen?

Keel represent the most innocent and stupid of times in metal. The lyrics suck, the beats seem like cliches you'd see in some terrible movie and the band look like a spandex advert. Good going blokes...I am simply glad that I didn't pay a cent for this, despite the hype a very small group of people fed me before I took a listen to the album.

Fuck's horrid in the most commercially viable way possible!