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The Best Thing Keel Ever Released At That - 85%

Kit_Atemus, March 19th, 2005

Like the last bloak said, Keel is a very cheezy 80's hard rock band that were produced by Gene Simmons of Kiss (common, who wasnt?!). But in all honestly, compared to their previous album "Lay Down The Law" this album has an amazing transformation- this is a band at first that was absolutley terrible, just terrible, and then, just cheezy- which for an 80s metal band, is no problem. If you are into bands like Kiss, Steeler and just straight up Cheez Metal the way it's suppose to be, you'll love this album, I certainly do. The songs "Speed Demon", "I'm the Victim, You're the Crime" and "So Many Girls, So Little Time" say it all. If you love cheez metal from the 80s this record is for you, simple as that.