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The art in procrastination and calling it art - 30%

megafury, January 23rd, 2006

Umm..Okay what happened? The last album was a masterpiece I praised like a psycho but this is just pretty mediocre. I gave it so many listens over a couple months and it just doesn't click with me. You know how some CD's you keep forever in hopes that you'll grow on it one day? Well I thought that would happen but the opposite was true. I hated it even more the more I tried liking it.

First of all, the songs are way too abstract. There's nothing really coherent. The music indulges in cliché dark classical atmosphere with random sparingly used gentle guitar plucking (a post-rock cliché) and cliché mild build-ups that fail to deliver anything, as if they were just one long intro. That sums it up; every song is just one long drawn-out intro to a song that doesn't even exist!

No, I don't think my expectations were too unreasonably high. I just expected some good tunes and got nothing but what seems to be puffs of airs (literally PUFFS OF AIR!) and psuedo-classical music combined with mediocre post-rock trying to pass off as "eclectic experimental art". It sounds like your standard Sigur Ros/GSYBE!Mogwai/Tristeza clone with a done-to-oblivion doom metal pace and "we have trumpets and flutes too" gimmick.

The only people that would think this is radically different from anything else ever are the geeky 15 year old metal kids that felt like taking a break from Slayer so they went to metal-archives or and tried to find something avant-garde, in order to pat themselves on the back for listening to something "diverse". Maybe AFI and Strokes fans will find this CD and think they stumbled upon a secret treasure, too "challenging" for anybody else to enjoy.

It's classical for scenster indie kids majoring in art and clueless about classical music, post-rock for metalheads clueless about post-rock, and just plain stale pointless random noise that stalls and stalls from doing anything remotely interesting for anyone without their heads up their asses. The music is forever looped in procrastination; never even starting a song at all. A huge disappointment for a huge MOTW fan such as myself. It's such a waste that a huge line-up achieves nothing but a new ego-boosting album for psuedo-intellectuals. The very few redeeming qualities of this CD (vocals are decent) are discredited from the tedious length