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Brilliant, nuff said. - 100%

megafury, October 22nd, 2003

I've been a huge fan of Maudlin of the Well for awhile now and have been anticipating on this release ever since I heard Maudlin of The Well would become Kayo Dot. When I first listened to this album, it was a lot to swallow on my first listen.

The music is unpredictable and that's exactly why I think it's brilliant. With only five tracks, the band accomplishes more musically than any other band with ten or twentey songs in a CD.

I'm sure a lot of metal people or anybody else that's impatient would say the music is kinda slow moving. This slow motion creates a rich lucious doomy atmosphere that settles in your head then later hits you with something you didn't expect, similar to the band Isis but more diverse, using different genres.

The first track, "Marathon", gets heavy after two minutes, then goes back to its slow moving music that eases your nerves, then all of a sudden, BAM!, it hits you with more heavyier music again and beautiful singing.

Second, there's, "A Pitcher of Summer", the shortest song at five minutes, a calm song with no real sense of structure, when the instruments are starting to pick up, they start trailing away in the begining, then it inevitably builds up with a haunting chorus. The song gets louder towards the closing. There's a good measure of where to put hard or soft parts in the music. This song kind of reminded me of Radiohead's song, "High and Dry" cause of the style of singing.

"The Manifold Curiosity" is the third song, with a lot to discover each time you listen, such as different instruments or vocal passages. In about four minutes into the song, there's an explosion of melody using numerous instruments, I don't think any other band is even capable of creating something that sounds like it cause of the variety of instruments being used.

At the end of this song, the band creates an intense chaotic blizzard of sound similar to what you'd hear in Strapping Young Lad's album, City, and the singer screams with a burning rage, like the singer in the Metalcore/Grindcore band, Converge, very heavy and reminds us that this band does use metal in their art.

Track four, "Wayfarer", is a song that transforms from eerie to lovely, with screeching violins that sound like they're being used for a horror movie and dramatic singing. There's a really good solo in this song too.

And now for the last track, "Antique", the song that gets as heavy as Dillinger Escape Plan and also ends up being kind of like a piano ballad song at the end.

One thing I've noticed in Kayo Dot compared to Maudlin of the Well is there wasn't that mush jazz elements, Maudlin of the Well was very jazzy. This new stuff is like Prog/Art rock, Doom Metal, Easy Listening, and Indie Rock, all with the band's own unique twist. I think everybody should give the album a shot and not judge it on the first listen since there's something new to find and appreciate in the music with each listen.