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Kayo Dot-Choirs of the Eye - 95%

Redsparowes88, January 16th, 2006

Whether it is an odd impressionist painting or some seemingly transcendental psychological thriller film, there have always been obscure works of art. Those who defy the usual framework for their respected arts are seen either as ridiculous or visionaries. Kayo Dot, is a combination of both; Defying obscurity itself. Their Debut “Choirs of the Eye” is the epitome of bizarre, full of more ideas and oddity than any record of recent years; it is a truly progressive piece of music. The band utilizes elements of free-form jazz, progressive rock, blues, and even death metal (which is especially evident halfway through “The Antique”). Kayo Dot Consists of eight members, all of which bring something completely unique to this outfit, whether it is the “serene-one-moment-violent-the-next” guitar work, crashing drums, blaring horns, screeching violin, or one the most unique vocal styles ever, via Toby Driver. This 20 something young man has the ability to shift from hushed whisper like singing to the foulest of death metal screeches. All of this is encapsulated in 10 to 20 minute bodies of song, creating a difficult but ultimately rewarding experience so unique and special, that once you become adapted to “Choirs of the Eye’s” extreme diversity and eclectic content you will not be easily removed. This record was created by those who wanted to manifest as many different styles into one entity while still keeping it cohesive, therefore those who seek to find “difficult” and truly progressive music, look no further than Kayo Dot’s “Choirs of the Eye”. -Paul Cooley/Panoptic Journalism