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Compelling, and utterly strange. - 87%

Kanwvlf, July 22nd, 2004

This album flows seamlessly from being lightly played, quiet ambience into heavy riffing sections, and it works almost perfectly. The melding of all the different instruments on here is amazing, and they all add up into a sound which should be blissful to anyone's ears.

The vocals have two dominant ranges, normal singing, which is performed pretty well. And the growl, which tends to be drowned out a lot of the time by the huge build-up of all the instruments, which is a bit of a disappointment, really. Sometimes there is also spoken parts, just to add to the calming effect when singing and growling isn't needed.

The musicianship is perfect, and sounds very tight most of the time, and amalgamating with the previous elements of the music, making some of the most calming, and yet agressive songs ever recorded onto one CD. The range of musical styles used here is amazing, and the movements come just when they're needed, bursting into a heavy section just as a quiet section is about to become tedious.

This album should really be owned by most people, as it is completely and utterly adaptable, and works on so many levels. Although, it seems to be best for a restful background ambience, but without being the same over and over.