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Cat music - 30%

davkov85, August 20th, 2009

I was for a long time torn about what to write about this album; on the one hand, the cover and package are beautiful, the instrumentation is nice, and the skill of the musicians is unquestionable. On the other hand, the music itself is, at least to my ears, nearly intolerable.

After all that it is not so difficult to find out that the genre is – at least according to the band's self-classification – is avantgarde metal. I would call this into question: avantgarde for sure, but there is only traces of metal. The electric guitars get their role on the album only drone-like, as a dim wall of sound – no riffs, even less melodies could be found on this release. The overall picture is a thousand times more indie than metal: loose (or rather absent) song structures, superfluous themes, mannered vocals.

This can be said about roughly everything else. The deliberately dirty, glassy-sounding acoustic guitars rather play chords (no joke, at times it is reminiscent of a Hungarian musician I don’t cultivate either, namely, Tamas Cseh), what is most consistent is perhaps the ambience-like drumming. There are also other instruments on the album – this is almost like a requirement of the genre. There is violin, piano, and even woodwings. Although the violin does play nice themes at times, the whole thing is altogether unnecessary and arbitrary.

The meant-to-be dreamy singing is especially irritating. It virtually consists of overtones only, it's full of curvatures, and the tone is not very pleasent either. The whole stuff is sort of indie-ish cracked, and in no way represents any emotion.

I thought about it a lot whether to write these things down, and accordingly I listened to the release many times. Unfortunately, my opinion has not changed; this is unenjoyable cat music, pointless and arty exhibitionism of otherwise good musicians. I really cannot give a higher score than this. 15 for the cover, 15 for the few nice parts. Sorry.

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