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Ancient black metal piece - 85%

lordazmolozmodial, January 16th, 2013

The Greek black metal scene has always been fascinating for those who search for spectacular pagan black metal music, especially if the the lyrical themes are about the ancient Greek mythology. Kawir is one of those bands that helped to create a solid base for the Greek black metal scene. They have produced a lot of pagan extreme music in the local realm since the early '90s and the band is still presenting excellent music to this moment.

Isotheos is the fifth full-length album for this group and its following the same pattern of the previous albums, but this time the album has a lot of original ideas and the riffs are more dynamic than the previous releases. Though the tune of the guitars reminds me of the '90s black metal era (which I really like), I can't hide my hate toward the tune of the lead guitar, which sounds rough and heavy most of the time. The drumming gives the structure of the tracks a solid base with the slow beats and fast beats alternating with each other to give the total atmosphere more powerful moments.

The mid-paced raging guitar riffs are really enjoyable for all the fans of black metal music, and the wind instruments that sink inside the sound of the guitars makes the whole atmosphere totally pagan and full of ancient environment. The repetitive riffing that has been covered by the wrath of the crispy vocals makes every track on this album interesting. The flute intro of the fourth track is my favorite moment of this album, especially if you're listening to this album in the woods. The use of the clean (chanting) vocals and black metal vocals are really successful and add a lot of professionalism to the total atmosphere.

The band has written the material of this album carefully to make every single moment an amazing experience for those who adore the mythological musical theme. This album is a great example of how a pagan/black metal release should sound like and I recommend this album for all the black metal fans around the world, especially those who are interested in ancient Greek mythology. Get your copy now and live a distinguished experience.

Originally written for Jorzine: