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A Pagan Slavic Masterpiece - 98%

StianMorganII, October 7th, 2006

Kataxu. Polands band... Or more than just a band. An anomolous appearance in Black Metal created in a mystic offering from this albums result; a world beyond any humans knowledge.

The masterpiece that is Kataxu's "Hunger of Elements" is an album thats overflowing with emotion and power. No lack of effort or thought appears in any moment throughout this albums pieces. From the moment it begings the listener is whisked off from the dull and meaningless existence of which he curently resides and through the strong and thick use of keyboards, amongst other instruments is taken to the edge of another dimension, almost close enough to become part of it.

The album is hugely based arond the use of keyboards, and is the driving instrument through-out (as opposed to the previous album in which the guitars played a bigger role). The guitars follow the powerful tunes roaring above, with the occasional touch of perfection gently layed down upon this, namely the piano parts, especially that of the first track "In My Dungeon" which is a 13 minute non-stop eruption of pure emotion and feelings. For me this song is the highlight of the Metal side of the album. The album is divided up into parts, 3 metal, with an interlude between each of pure ambient genius. "In the Arms of the Astral World", which follows on from "In My Dungeon" battles with "NightSky" for the title of strongest ambient part. These are no Burzum style keyboard pieces, but awe-ispiring ensembles of ever growing wonder.. Untill they stop dead. Leaving the listener in a state of limbo, between the world of beyond and the feeble life below.
The vocals differ from the first release. Attempting a louder, deeper more ominous sound. Bellowing from pagan lungs, rather than the more Black Metal inspired first full-length.

In all honesty though, despite how high-up I hold this album, after the pinnacle of all that exists in musical form for many years, In My Dungeon, the album does tend to slope downwards a little.

This band has left me... Speechless. This album does so much for me. And others, obviously. This album is an amazing piece of musical architecture and through an alignment of aural and mental power this album will leave you feeling small... Insignificant; Inspired; Amazed; Questioning; Begging for more, to be taken back once again to this world in which only Kataxu's "Hunger Of Elements" can take you to, a world that seems so real, but not for mortal touch - it is immense.

I just want to hear more from this band. Truely amazing.