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In the Nightside Eclipse Part Duex - 85%

AnInsidiousMind, February 20th, 2008

A majestic trip through space into unknown galaxies, solitude, darkness, yet in peace with the cosmos lets you plant the true seed and proclaim the rightful heir to your throne. The world you live on is full of scum, and to escape this pathetic attempt to life, is in the cosmos; the trips through multiple galaxies is to find the perfect place filled with evil and darkness which only the mighty will survive. You are the new god, and the true race will now rule. This is Hunger of the Elements...

Kataxu uses the keys and the wall of guitars to create a unique atmosphere; the album rumbles through 48 minutes of bleak, dark, majestic, yet optimistic feelings. There are 3 actual songs on the album, but the other three are beautiful ambient pieces. In each case it keeps the tone of the album. Kataxu’s keys are similar to what Emperor did in In the Nightside Eclipse, but they are more upfront and do a bit more noodleing; however, the use of keys mimic the atmosphere of In the Nightside, but this is done with a majestic trip through space rather than a dark winter landscape. Vocals on this album are definitely in the black metal style, but the use of layers with the dual vocals is absolutely stunning and adds much more the journey. The combination of majestic keys, a wall of guitars, and layered vocals combine majesty, evilness, and darkness.

Kataxu takes the next logical step from In the Nightside Eclipse and merges it with the cosmos. I can’t help but see some Lovecraftian influences in the lyrics, because as much as the conquering of space is the theme, they show they are still are not in control the universe. The gods will only permit what they see feasible. This album is highly recommended for anyone a fan of Lunar Aurora and In the Nightside Eclipse.