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They've done it again - 95%

0mick0, March 22nd, 2003

This album is very solid. Although the band hyped it as being much darker and heavier than "Last Fair Deal Gone Down", they only made it darker. It isn't any heavier. Which isnt a bad thing.

So what is the impact of this album? It's a dark, groovy, melodic, doomy (but not slow) beautiful piece of art full of atmosphere. The songs flow together very well, and things are not at all repetitive or predictable. The mood of this disc is mournful and gloomy, yet hopeful. The lyrics are oblique, deep, metaphorical, and mature.

Once again, the album does not sound very 'metal' at all. The music is relatively simple and not very technical. But the atmosphere on this album is fucking amazing. You can hear so many things with good speakers or headphones. The mix is very well produced and clean, with everything about the same level in in the mix (with the vocals layered above, of course). Thats because the atmosphere, mood, and vocals are what differentiate this band form all the rest.

Katatonia should receive an award for best use of technology on an album for this release. The synth in the background is applied very profesionally. The vocal filters are much better used than on the previous releases.

Highlights of this album include:
A Premonition
Will I Arrive
One Year From Now
Although all the songs are excellent.