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If only it was longer... - 90%

TheStormIRide, February 6th, 2006

Katatonia, already venturing into softer territory on previous works, take the dark alternative styling further with this EP. This EP is very melodic guitar and vocal wise. The drumming is excellent, as the fills are incredible and very unique. The production is definitely a very high mark with this release, as all of the instruments have their proper place in the mix.

Katatonia definitely didn't mind softening up a bit. The guitars are an awesome melodic subtlety in, never really in the forefront. To these ears they sound almost in a minor key. The guitars range from a lightly distorted melody to a very clean, almost acoustic sound. The bass is excellent, not just following the guitars, but adding a nice element to the rhythm. Like I said before the drums are amazing. The fills are incredible, and very interesting, especially in the choruses. The vocals are definitely a strong point. To those who haven't heard Katatonia since the early days will be suprised. I think the vocals are an improvement to the old style; mainly because they seem to have more emotion.

The cover of Will Oldman is excellent. I have never heard the original, but Katatonia, I'm sure, does put their own touches on it. The vocals on this track are more subdued, and the guitars are very light and melodic. Although this album is very melodic and soft when compared to their earlier work, this, to me, should still be considered metal. The song structures, the drums, the music in general still has a very metal aspect to it.

There is really no weak track on this EP, which is essential for a recording of such a small length. The only complaint on this would be that there are only three tracks. I guess I shouldn't complain too much, becuase Katatonia has released many great albums in this vein. This EP is recommended to all fans of Katatonia. It is not a necessary album to own, but the tracks are very strong. Newer Katatonia albums are highly recommended to fans of Novembre, newer Sentenced, and people looking for something more mellow in their metal. An excellent effort from a great band!